Toschi Passamanerie

    Almost a century of history, experience and passion: Toschi Passamanerie is a textile manufacturer specialising in the production of trimmings, now run by the third generation of the family.

    Founded in 1948 to produce trimmings for interiors, since 1971 opened to fashion, working with luxury brands, independent designers and contractors to create their collections. Toschi Passamanerie has grown along with the Italian fashion system, soon becoming one of the first producers of trimmings for fashion in Italy and then in Europe.

    Past, present and future are woven into every item.

    Solid artisan roots. Ancient looms still in use.
    And modern technologies, skilfully integrated for creative flair and ingenuity.
    A rare combination of cutting-edge industrialisation, artisanal skill and manual processes
    coming together to create excellence.

    Two new collections every year, with constantly updated product colours, materials and designs. A non-stop creative process that constantly reinvents tradition thanks to a strong know-how and the pursuit for modernity.

    Founded in 1948, for your inspiration.

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