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    All types of hand- and loom-made trimmings and textile accessories for fashion: fringes, braids, looped and crochet knitted trims, cords, pipings, tassels, pompons and textile belts

    Two new chapters every year. Collections imbued with a contemporary feel.
    All-new colours, innovative materials, sustainable fibers, cutting-edge design. Constant search for innovation.

    A vast, precious archive of unique products, raw materials and designs. Feeding the inspiration, cherishing the tradition, redefining the experience.

    And a unique ability: to transform ideas into trimmings and textile accessories. Working in collaboration with fashion factories, luxury brands, ateliers and visionary designers to create high quality products, even seeking the utmost customisation.
    Colours, dimensions, designs: every detail, tailor-made.

    Prototypes, small production runs, high volumes: every stage of production is managed in-house in Bologna, Italy.
    The experience gained over the years has culminated in a guarantee of quality, rapidity and precision.

    Every order, large or small, is given the same painstaking attention to detail, keeping our standards of excellence high at all times.

    Made in Italy. Made in Toschi.

    concept by Superzoom     development by Cognita Design
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