(re)CYCLE – S/S 21

    Homogeneous compositions

    In the era of sustainability, new horizons are emerging for the textile industry, and our (RE)CYCLE collection explores the path best suited to its identity. The focus is on the importance of homogeneous fibres – a choice that goes beyond aesthetics and takes a significant step further towards the circular economy.

    In the (RE)CYCLE creative process, recycling plays a key role from the outset: every element must be reused in order to minimise environmental impact without compromising the aesthetic. This philosophy, teamed with the use of homogeneous fibres, enables us to create products that are actually recyclable and environmentally friendly, avoiding conflicts between different materials.

    The decision to adopt this strategy presents a whole new creative challenge: to design passementerie that is not only beautiful to look at but also conscious of a possible post-consumer lifecycle, whilst maintaining an attractive, high quality design.

    concept by Superzoom     development by Cognita Design
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