Vanishing Point – S/S 23

    Beyond Time

    From the graphic weft to the art of the long exposure. With the VANISHING POINT collection we shift our attention from textile creations to their interactions with time.

    Passementerie, fringes, cords and edges – all precisely arranged on a table. The prolonged exposure reveals an invisible dance and turns stillness into visual sequences. Without manual interference, time stops.

    Photos do not just capture time as objects move; they immortalise time itself, even when the items are still.

    This is how the link between “long exposure” and “vanishing point” reveals new dimensions of material. At the vanishing point, converging lines and blurred shapes reveal the geometry of movement, its perspective journey.

    That time continuum – usually so elusive – now becomes an eye-catching detail, opening a window onto unusual perceptions. And passementerie and colour are transformed.

    concept by Superzoom     development by Cognita Design
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