You can go anywhere – A/W 25-26

    The sunday lunch

    Hands that create. Explore, manipulate. Let the movement lead the textile material. Photographs capturing oscillations, movements, folds. A fabric woven from tradition and innovation. Not just a representation of multigenerationality, but a visual narrative. A continuity between past and future. A Sunday lunch filled with tactile sensations.

    “You can go anywhere.” An invitation, a moment to reflect on hand weaving today. A return to basics, where invention is given free rein. The hand, the gesture, the touch—foundational to mechanical production.

    Sensitivity to the material, shaping it, reacting with flexibility. Essential qualities for the future. Children’s hands appearing here and there, bringing a joyful approach to textiles. A reminder to keep the fundamental pleasure alive, even in complex processes. A playful spirit, combined with artisanal mastery, creating a dialogue between youthful freshness and seasoned experience.

    A “what if” exploring the potential of all these hands—usually distant—working together simultaneously, combining and recombining their skills and creativity, their connections and geometries, some ephemeral, others tangible. Beyond the touch, beyond the weave.

    Like a Sunday lunch. A moment of familiarity and collaboration. Interweaving threads and lives.

    From the thread, wherever it may lead us.

    concept by Superzoom     development by Cognita Design
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