A new beginning – S/S 24

    The shape of water

    Recreate the conditions and physical sensations of being immersed in water. To experience the transformation of the materiality, in a full-bodied dimension with texture and depth. A haptic and textural journey into a suspended dimension, an atmosphere between thawing and conservation.

    The natural qualities of water (transparency, density, fluidity, changeableness) and its physical transformations (from ice to frost to cold liquid) enable us to activate a new aesthetic dimension, a cryo-atmosphere in which textile is transformed.

    Between freezing and thawing, the story of emerging from the ice, a before-and-after that condenses into definite shapes or melts into emotion with no clear boundaries.

    TOSCHI – A NEW BEGINNING is an art-photography project exploring the transient qualities and the enduring qualities of our textile material, which acts as a bridge in the creation and design of new possible atmospheres.

    concept by Superzoom     development by Cognita Design
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