Inventing air – A/W 24.25

    When Wind Disrupts

    Capturing the essence of the atmosphere. Transforming textile matter into the artistic medium that reacts to the element of “air” in all its magnitudes. Enveloping matter in powerful yet ineffable vortexes.
    From suspended calm to wild tempests. From the first morning frost to the arrival of biting, cold winds. From stormy, cloudy days to stagnant, suffocating ones.
    Their intricate beauty always unveils itself as a response to the unpredictable dynamics of moving air. And when the air is still, in a lingering autumn warmth, we are suspended in anticipation, awaiting that imperceptible breath that will open new perspectives.

    Air is also complete absence, an emptied presence that carries a sense of suffocation and disorientation, generating captivating visual and haptic effects.

    Photography and video become a universal stylistic language to express the complexity of air and its interaction with textile matter, transforming it with eloquent tactile sinuosity into tangible evidence of the ephemeral, the unpredictable, and the ineffable.

    concept by Superzoom     development by Cognita Design
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