Beyond the Glare – S/S 25

    A Study in Textile and Light

    Immersed in darkness, the first shots reveal the glare of the sun’s rays from outside. A sliver of light highlights fabrics in an unexpected way. Moving trimmings dance in this light, turning into a medium, a means through which light flows.
    As we get closer to the exit, sparkles, flashes and visual play come to life. Backlighting, silhouettes and shapes emerge under the influence of the light source. Long, sinuous fabric or raffia fringes come to the fore, capturing and transforming the light in visual play that accentuates the glimmers.
    Out in the open, completely dazzled by the powerful light, solarisation inverts the tones and creates an intense atmosphere. Abstract shapes, lines and movements appear. The fringes, cords and edges, now fully illuminated, undulate in the intense light, becoming a pure visual spectacle.

    In its encounter with clothing, the Toschi S/S 25 collection immerses us in the vastness of human experience, exploring the infinite facets of light and how textile reacts to it.

    concept by Superzoom     development by Cognita Design
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